Congratulations to “The Sutter Miner Minors” for an awesome debut performance at the Teagarden Jazz Festival.

“The Sutter Miner Minors”

  • Jarrett Arias, Trumpet
  • Janelle Wells, Clarinet
  • Drake Ruiz, Alto Saxophone
  • Luke Lyda, Tenor Saxophone
  • Max Schwitalla, Trombone
  • Gloria Haskin, Vocals
  • Owen Nacqia, Banjo
  • Mia Henderson, Bass
  • Sidney Manricks, Piano
  • Campbell McDowell, Drums
It was a BIG day for “The Sutter Miner Minors,” as many students received amazing awards‼️
  • Outstanding MS Clarinet: Janelle Wells
  • Outstanding MS Banjo: Owen Naqica
  • Outstanding MS Saxophone: Luke Lyda
  • Outstanding MS Vocals: Gloria Haskin
  • Outstanding MS Piano: Sidney Manricks
  • Half scholarship to the Teagarden Jazz Camp for our Banjo player: Owen Naqica
  • $500 Music Lesson Award Scholarship for our Trombone player: Max Schwitalla