P.E. Department

Welcome to Sutter Physical Education:
  1. All students have Physical Education class everyday
  2. Students will need a combination lock for their PE locker
  3. Sutter gym clothes will be on sale at Orientation Monday, August 28 and during the first week of school
For purchase:
  • Shorts $15.
  • T-shirt $6. 
  • Package price: 2 piece: Short/T-shirt   $20.  
Sweat clothes (pre-order only): 

Place your order for sweats at orientation or by Friday September 8. Sweats will arrive in mid October and will be delivered to students during their PE class period.

  • Sweat pants $16.
  • Sweat shirt $16.
  • Both for $30.


  • Package price: 4 piece: Shorts, t-shirt, sweat pants, sweat shirt $45.

                      CASH OR MONEY ORDER ONLY