2022 Volleyball Tryouts

General Information:

  • Tryouts are at Sutter Middle School’s gym
  • All students must complete sports paperwork prior to tryouts
  • Students are expected to wear their tryout number at tryouts (provided during registration)
  • Students are expected to wear athletic attire and shoes, knee pads are recommended
  • To pre-register for tryouts please fill out 
  • Registration can also occur during check in the first day of tryouts
  • If you are unable to make tryout dates please contact Coach Norris ( as soon as possible

Preliminary Tryouts August 22nd

7th grade: 

  • Check In 7:45-7:55
  • Tryout: 8-10 

8th grade:

  • Check In: 10:10-10:20
  • Tryout: 10:30-12:30

Second Round and Team Specific Tryouts August 23-24th

  • Invitation Only based on previous tryouts
  • No Check In or registration required.
  • 8 am-11am 

Make Up Tryouts September 2nd 2:45-4:00 pm

Tryouts for students who enrolled after summer tryouts or 7th grade students who were unable to make the summer tryout date.