Cross Country Information

What is cross country?

Cross-country running is a sport in which individuals/teams run races on open-air courses over natural terrain.

How much running will you actually do?

Each practice will be a different type of run. This will include hills, long runs up to 5 miles, interval or speed endurance, tune-up or medium runs up to 3 miles, and short recovery runs.  Races are 1.4 to 3.1 miles.

Who is the coach?

Jody Cooperman is an 8th grade teacher at Sutter.  She has previously been the track and field coach but has now switched to cross-country.  Running is a passion of hers.

First time runner?

There is nothing wrong with being a rookie. You have to start from the bottom in order to reach the top. Coach Coop understands that it is a process and that everyone has a different background, work ethic, and growth pattern. Everyone will be treated with fairness and patience. All you have to do is try your best and you will yield results. You might actually turn out to be a natural runner.

When do practices start?

Practice Schedule

  • Before School starts: August 19th and 21st from 8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.; Meet at Sutter. Must have sports paperwork

The season schedule:

  • Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Meets are typically on Fridays or Saturdays. List of meets located in sidebar to the right.
  • Where are practices held?  Practices begin at Sutter and usually center around McKinley Park although some practices will be done at Sutters Landing and the bike trail.


  • See Coach Cooperman to order gear.


Parents are responsible for arranging rides to/from practice and events. It is extremely important that athletes are prepared with the appropriate gear for each practice and event. They should wear comfortable running shorts, t-shirt, running shoes, and bring a water bottle.