Hallway Lockers

We were recently notified that we will be allowed to use student hallway lockers this year.  We do not have enough lockers for all students, so we use a lottery system.  You will receive an email notification by Monday, August 16th if you have been pre-assigned a random locker through our lottery or if you have been placed on our waitlist.  We do not take locker requests. 

  • Locker “move in” day for 8th graders will be on Thursday, August 26th between 9:30-11:30
  • 7th grade locker “move in” day will be on Monday, August 30th between 9:30-11:30. 

We kindly ask that students only come on campus for these events, as we need to limit the amount of visitors due to safety recommendations.  Please click here for more information.