IC Message 08.29.22

Good afternoon Sutter families! I am looking forward to the first day of school on Thursday, September 1st. Here are a few reminders:

Self-screening:  For the safety of everyone at school, please self-screen your student at home before you leave for school, have them stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms, and get tested for COVID-19.  Please click on this link for information: Appendix B: Illness and Symptoms Guidelines for Staff and Students .  As a reminder, masks are currently strongly recommended, but are not required at this time.

Nutrition Services Info: Breakfast will be available in our cafeteria daily from 7:45-8:15. Your child will need to enter their student ID number. Letter from Nutrition Services.

Bell Schedule: Please do not drop off your student earlier than 7:30 am each day. Be on time to school!  First period starts at 8:18 am. The first day of school, Thursday, September 2nd students will be dismissed at 1:32 pm. Remember, M/T/W/F students are dismissed at 2:32 pm, Thursdays students are dismissed at 1:32 pm. Please click this link for the bell schedule .

Pick up/Drop off:  Please be patient at pick up/drop off. Have your child ready to get out of the car when you pull up to the school (please pull up AS FAR AS YOU CAN TOWARD THE END OF THE DRIVEWAY), as we need to keep traffic moving. We will have staff out in the front of the school helping to direct traffic, please do not block the driveway. Click on this link for the school map .

Class Schedule: Many of you have already accessed your child’s class schedule through Infinite Campus. We will provide them with a copy of their schedule during 1st period on the first day of school.  Their first period will be posted on campus near the main stairwell if they need to double check, otherwise, they can go to the 1st period class listed in Infinite Campus. Please do NOT request a schedule change due to teacher preference.  If there are mistakes with the level or missing class, please notify

Safety Entrance Gate:  We have a new safety feature that was installed over the summer.  Our front gate to our school will now be locked during school hours each day.  Visitors will need to call the office on the intercom system and be seen on the camera in order to be “buzzed” in.

Safe Routes to School:  Over the last year a group of Sutter families and neighbors have been working with the City of Sacramento on a Safe Route to School.  The project has been moving along, and we are getting ready to have volunteers ready to chaperone groups of kids from Midtown to Sutter along the G Street corridor, and back at the end of the school day. There is a meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 30th at 7 pm via Zoom if you can make it.  For more information, please contact Amy Gardner at

Student Handbook: Here is a link to our student handbook including school rules and dress code (also located in the front pages of the student planners that all Sutter students will receive at the start of school).

Carpool sign ups- Sign up using this link if you want to try to be a part of a carpool with others that live in your area. Note: if you sign up, the spreadsheet with your information is then shared with those who have filled out the form.

RT Bus Information: Students can ride the Regional Transit bus for free. See link  Students can use their school ID (there will be a grace period at the start of the year as students have not received new ID’s yet).   Link to the Sac RT schedule.

No School:  Labor Day:  As a reminder, there is no school on Monday, September 5th for Labor Day.


Cristin Tahara