P.E. Clothes

Welcome to Sutter Physical Education:

  1. All students have Physical Education class everyday.
  2. Students will need a combination lock for their PE locker.
  3. Students do not need to have clothes by the first day of school. PE teachers will notify students of when to start bringing their PE clothes and their PE combination lock.

Cost of P.E. Clothes:

  • Shorts $15.
  • T-shirt $6. 
  • Package price: 2 piece: Short/T-shirt   $20.  

Sweat clothes (pre-order only): 

Last day to order sweats is Friday September 10. Sweats will arrive in mid October and will be delivered to students during their PE class period.

  • Sweat pants $16.
  • Sweat shirt $16.
  • Both for $30.
  • BEST DEAL: Package price: 4 piece: Shorts, t-shirt, sweat pants, sweat shirt $45.

Sutter gym clothes will be available for purchase starting this Thursday, Aug. 26 from 9:30-12 during our 8th grade locker move-in day, Friday from 9-12, and Monday from 9:30-12 during 7th grade locker move-in day. This station will be set up outside of the boys locker room. In addition, PE clothes will be available for purchase from the main office after locker days during our summer office hours M-F 8-3.